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1-Hour Massage & 1-Hour Yoni Steam Combo

1-Hour Massage & 1-Hour Yoni Steam Combo

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First relax in nature with a wonderful outdoor relaxation massage, then heal your womb with a lovely yoni steam bath!

Yoni Steam baths bring heat and healing to the womb. The use of specific herbs adds layers of different healing benefits. Typically more than one herb are chosen and formulated in a blend that cater to the woman’s unique de-stressing womb needs. The combination of herbs work to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and make supple the vaginal and uterine tissues.
The purpose of the Yoni Steam is to aid as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This is considered especially important for stagnant fertility conditions, and/or incomplete emptying of menses each cycle. V-Steams may also provide menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones and more. Also called Yoni, Vagi- Steam, The Vaginal Steam Bath, Hip Bath & Womb Treatment, Bajos, Bertangas, and chai-yok.  A Yoni steam bath is like aromatherapy – for your lady parts!